Local information


Practical information

Admission cards and keys

Please contact Martin Hawkins, mobile 3058 4743, mh@ph.au.dk regarding access cards to all the Department's buildings.

Martin Hawkins is also the contact person regarding keys to: 

  • Building 3410 (Sport Science)

Conference room booking

Conference rooms are booked through Outlook as follows:

  • From your own calendar in Outlook you choose "FILER” (FILES) from the top menu
  • Select “ÅBN” (OPEN)

You can now open the following calendars:

  • 1260-310 (projektor) (10) – Bartholins Allé 2, building 1260, 3rd floor (Max 12 people)
  • 1261-118 (projektor) (50) – Bartholins Allé 2, building 1261, 1st floor (Max 50 people)
  • 1264-106 Mødelokale (8) - Bartholins Allé 2, building 1264, 1st floor (Max 8 people)
  • 1264-220 Mødelokale (10) (projektor) - Bartholins Allé 2, building 1264, 2nd floor (Max 10 people)
  • 3410-345 Mødelokale (25) – Dalgas Avenue 4, 3rd floor (Max 25 people) (Projector in the room)
  • 3410-451 Mødelokale (10) – Dalgas Avenue 4, 4th floor (Max 10 people) (Projector in the room)

When you make a reservation, please state:

  • the title of the meeting
  • the person responsible for the meeting
  • your own name (as the person being responsible for the reservation)


If you need to book other conference rooms

  • Information on booking book one of the lecture theatres, you can find more information here.

Apartment for visitors

The Department of Public Health has access to an apartment (90 square meters), which may be used by visiting researchers.

Read more about the apartment (in Danish)


Martin Hawkins

Secretariat Staff Member

Rental of official car

The Department has access to two official cars. One belongs to the Section for Environment Occupation and Health, the other to the Section for Sport Sciences.

Environment Occupation and Health:

This car - a Passat - is available for booking when the Section is NOT running research projects.

Research projects that will require use of the car for a long period of time need special permission from and coordination with Torben Sigsgaard, 871 68013, ts@ph.au.dk.

You may book the car through your OUTLOOK calendar:

  • In the next window, under NAME please write: Bil-PH-Passat-Sort-YS45843
  • In the same window, under FOLDER TYPE choose: Calendar

The keys and log for registering kilometers driven may be found in building 1260, office 3.41. Please remember to write in the log and return both it and the keys immediately after use.

More car booking information. (In Danish)

Sport Science:

The car- a VW Caravelle - may be booked through your OUTLOOK calendar:

  • In the next window, under NAME please write: Bil 3410 PH VW Caravelle ZC28094
  • In the same window, under FOLDER TYPE choose: Calendar

You can pick up the keys and the diesel card from Martin Hawkins, mh@ph.au.dk.

When refuelling you must use the diesel card - please remember to give the receipt to Martin Hawkins at the Secretariat.

In the car you will find a log where you MUST register after every drive.

Students enrolled at Aarhus University, Department of Public Health, Section for Sport Science may borrow the car for study-related purposes. This requires that you:

  • Hand in a statement regarding the study-related purpose, signed by an employee at the Section for Sport Science.
  • Present your valid student registration card AND driver's license to the Secretariat at Sport Science, who will then hand over the key and diesel card.

Enquiries may be directed to Martin Hawkins at mh@ph.au.dk or phone number 871 68614.

Booking conditions - for both vehicles

  • The cars may only be driven by staff from the Department of Public Health and Aarhus University IT, Health Support who have an employment contract from Aarhus University, i.e. honorary associate professors and honorary professors are not allowed as drivers.
  • The car may only be used for work-related purposes.
  • The price is 4.00 DKK per kilometer. Accounts are settled twice annually through internal transfers.

Aarhus Universitet is self-insured and all blame-incurring accidents will have to be paid by us. The driver is also required to make him- or herself acquainted with and act by the rules of use in relation to official state vehicles.

Borrow a bike

The Department has acquired eight bikes, four of which are electric. All employees are welcome to borrow them.

The bikes are placed at Dalgas Avenue (one electric and one regular bike) and at Bartholins Allé (two electric and two regular bikes).

You may book a bike by emailing udlaan.cykler@ph.au.dk

Please pick up the keys and a bike helmet in the offices of:

Mailing lists

Reference works

The following links provide assistance with translation. Several of the dictionaries contain English thesauruses. 

Postal mail

Applies to buildings 1260 and 1261.

Mail is collected at each section every day around 1 p.m. by a student worker.

The University’s internal mail service picks up mail and packages from the mail locker every day around 9.15 a.m. - 1.15 p.m. and after 3.00 p.m.

Incoming mail is sorted and distributed to the sections.

The Department Secretariat - Assistance