Staff-related issues

Internal policies and procedures

Here you will find information on the internal policies and procedures at the Department. The list is updated regularly. 

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Data security

Office policies (in Danish)

Guidelines for teaching by PhD students

Financial guidelines

Supplementary education

Activities regarding supplementary education

All employees at the Department of Public Health may apply for financial support to participate in supplementary education activities. Please note that as a general rule applications from employees with access to other resources, such as annual grants or project grants, will not be considered.

Resources for supplementary education activities are allocated during the annual budgeting at the Department.

The Department gives priority to the following criteria: Professional or personal outcome in relation to the individual's current work situation, based on an evaluation of which skills are needed at the Department. Importance is attached to whether the activity has been discussed during staff development dialogue (SDD).

The daily Department management team prioritizes applications in collaboration with the applicant's immediate manager. Priorities are made based on whether the applicant has previously received support.


Competence development funds (AU competence development funds) (in Danish)

If the educational activity is covered by the allocation area of The Agency for Competence Development in the State Sector, you may apply for 50 % co-financing from the Department. This is on the condition that the Agency subsequently supports the application.

All employees may apply to The Agency for Competence Development in the State Sector for support for supplementary education activities.

Guidelines for applications regarding support for supplementary education activities

• Please use this application form (in Danish). Application deadline: ongoing.

• Please submit your application electronically as one PDF file to

• Please enclose a programme or a schedule for the supplementary education activity.

• Please allow 10-12 working days for the application to be considered.


Planning for the upcoming holiday year takes place annually during the month of October/November.

The Secretariat distributes the holiday rules and guidelines from Health along with a form for registering the dates where you wish to take your holidays. Holiday Registration Form. You must fill in the form, have it approved by your manager and send it to the Secretariat, Lone Sand Simonsen,

If you are employed during the holiday year, you may use the same form for registering the dates where you wish to take your holidays. This form should also be sent to the Secretariat, Lone Sand Simonsen,

Please direct any additional questions regarding holidays to:

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New colleague / Onboarding

If you are going to introduce a new colleague to the workplace, or if you are a new colleague, additonal information is available here

Illness or other absence

In case of illness or of your child's first or second day of illness, please call or send an e-mail to your immediate manager and to Lone Sand Simonsen,, no later than 9am.

When you are back at work, please fill in this absence form (in Danish) and hand it over or e-mail it to Lone Sand Simonsen, office 1261-210 (

In case of long-term illness, please contact head of Secretariat Annette Bachmann at 2498 8585 or

You may find the Department policies on well-being an absence (in Danish) here.