Staff-related issues


Hiring procedures

The hiring of scientific and administrative staff is handled by AU HR, Health in close collaboration with the Department's secretariat.

All hirings must be initiated through the secretariat. Below you will find templates to begin the procedure.

Please note that hirings take a minimum of 1 month for scientific assistants and up to 8-14 months for professors. Therefore, please plan ahead, as otherwise the desired/promised start date may be postponed.

Scientific staff for external research projects

Administrative staff (TAP)

External lecturers, teaching assistants, instructors (DVIP) and Part-time Administrative Staff and Student Helpers (DTAP)

See also Employment Procedures at Health (

Maternity or paternity leave

This form for inspiration (in Danish) contains an overview of suggestions for tasks that can be performed both before and after an employee goes on maternity or paternity leave.

The form is completed in collaboration with the immediate supervisor, and a small note is made on the agreed-upon tasks.

Supplementary education

Activities regarding supplementary education

All employees at the Department of Public Health may apply for financial support from the Department to participate in supplementary education activities. Please note that as a general rule applications from employees with access to other resources, such as annual grants or project grants, will not be considered.

Resources for supplementary education activities are allocated during the annual budgeting at the Department.

Priority is given based on the following criteria: Professional or personal outcome in relation to the individual's current work situation, based on an evaluation of which skills are needed at the Department. Importance is attached to whether the activity has been discussed during staff development dialogue (SDD).

The daily Department management team prioritizes applications in collaboration with the applicant's immediate manager. Priorities are made based on whether and to which extent the applicant has previously received support.

Form for applying for co-financing for supplementary education.


Planning for the upcoming holiday year takes place annually during October/November.

The Secretariat distributes the holiday rules and guidelines from Health along with a form for registering the dates where you wish to take your holidays. Holiday Registration Form for holiday year 2023/2024. You must fill in the form, have it approved by your immediate manager and send it to the Secretariat, Lone Sand Simonsen.

If you are hired during the holiday year, you may use the same form for registering the dates where you wish to take your holidays. This form should also be sent to the Secretariat, Lone Sand Simonsen.

Please direct any additional questions regarding holidays to:

You can get an overview of the vacation days available to you in MitHR:


Please note that we will only start using the self-service solution during spring 2024. You will only have access to the overview in MitHR.

Other information regarding holidays:

New colleague / Onboarding

If you are going to introduce a new colleague to the workplace, or if you are a new colleague, additonal information is available here:


A buddy is a colleague who engages in close companionship with the new employee to provide the best possible start. The buddy typically takes responsibility for welcoming the new employee on their first day, having lunch together, answering questions about informal rules and norms, introducing colleagues, etc.

The arrangement lasts approximately 1-3 months. A buddy should not be confused with a mentor, so it is  important that the person taking on this role is not the one responsible for the employee's professional development.

When selecting the right buddy, it is important to find an colleague who:

  • is motivated for the role
  • has a high degree of empathy and can put themselves in the new employee's shoes
  • has good communication skills

It is important to allocate the necessary resources to establish a good relationship, and the arrangement should be characterized by a high degree of voluntariness.


Offboarding checklist (locally for The Department of Public Health, in Danish)

Illness and other absence

In case of illness or your child's first or second day of illness, please call or send an e-mail to your immediate manager and to Lone Sand Simonsen,, no later than 9am.

When you are back at work, please send an e-mail to Lone Sand Simonsen.

In case of long-term illness, please contact head of Secretariat Annette Bachmann at 2498 8585.

You may find additional information on illness and other absence here.