Travel grant applications

Grants may be applied for in relation to study tours and conferences both nationally and internationally.

Professors, associate professors, assistant professors, postdocs, PhD students and clinical associate professors are eligible to apply for travel grants provided that they are employees (minimum 50 %) of the Department of Public Health at the time of applying as well as at the time of travelling.

Applications requirements, criterion for award of grants, etc.

  1. The application must be submitted in 3 copies – application form must be used.
  2. Applications submitted subsequent to the application deadline will be disregarded.
  3. The least expensive way of travelling must be stated in the application.
  4. A programme for the study or conference tour must be attached to the application.
  5. Preference will be given to applicants who have not received previous funding in a given year. Usually, a maximum of one travel grant per applicant per year will be recommended.
  6. Full-time employees will be prioritised over part-time employees.
  7. Foreign travel destinations will be prioritised over Danish travel destinations.
  8. International courses will be prioritised over conferences.
  9. International conferences may be held in Denmark.
  10. Applications relating to participation in conferences will be subject to a prioritisation following the below order:
    1. An applicant who has been invited to chair the conference in question, or who has been elected a member of the governing body or committee of such conference will be given high priority.
    2. An applicant who has been invited to speak at the conference will be given high priority. An abstract of the author names must be attached to the application.