The Education Committee at the Department of Public Health is the central, coordinating organ for the Department's education activities.

The Education Committee contributes to the implementation of decisions made by the Health management team (HUF, Health Forum for Education) and the Aarhus University Education Commitee (UFU).

The Committee's tasks are to:

  • ensure that decisions made at Aarhus University and Health are coordinated and implemented at the Departmental level.
  • contribute to the creation of a foundation for decisions made by the Department management team regarding visions and strategies in the education field.
  • coordinate the Department's and boards of studies' work regarding teaching, study environment, quality, teaching evaluations and course development within the study programmes, including planning, carrying out and developing the programmes.
  • contribute to shared discussions, initiatives and guidelines within the academic, administrative and educational fields.
  • develop initiatives, coordinate and share knowledge across the educational activities at the Department.
  • advise the Department management team on education-related questions.

Selection of members of the Education Committee at the Department of Public Health

- the deputy Department head of education (chairperson) (1)

- the head of secretariat (1)

- the Committee's minutes keeper (1)

- the Department's directors of studies (3)

- the degree programme directors (2)

- the semester coordinators (2)

- the team coordinators (4)

- a representative from the Studies Administration (1)

- a representative from CED (1)

Work format

The Education Committee meets twice each semester. The Committee may be convened ad hoc, if needed. Anyone may add topics to the agenda. 


In case there is a need of preparatory or detailed work, the Committee may appoint ad hoc working groups or subcommittees, which may include other faculty staff members and students.

Once a year, the Committee members participate in a joint meeting with the Department management team.

Adoption of the existing mandate

This mandate was finally adopted by the Department management team and took effect on February 2, 2022.