Departmental council

The Departmental Council at the Department of Public Health was established in April 2013.

The Council's tasks are:

  • ensuring innovation, quality, transparency and legitimacy in all decisions regarding academic matters
  • ensuring the Department's professional and social identity and coherence.

The Departmental Council may make statements regarding all academic matters of significant importance to the Department's activities and is obligated to discuss any academic matters presented to it by the dean of the Department head.

The Departmental Council is eligible to make statements to the dean.

The Departmental Council meets 2-4 times per year. Meeting minutes will be available in Danish on the Department homepage.

The Department head must ensure participation in decision-making regarding academic matters in a wide sense through ongoing and timely involvement. Thus, the Department head must discuss essential matters regarding research, talent nurturing, knowledge sharing and education with the Departmental Council.

Read the rules of procedure for the Departmental Council here (in Danish)

Read the latest meeting minutes here (in Danish)