Research application procedure

All applications must be handed in for approval no later than 1 week before submission.

All applications with a budget >500,000 must be approved by the Head of the Department. 

All applications with a budget <500,000 may be approved by the Head of the Department Secretariat.

If you are applying for salaries, you must have entered into an agreement with the Department regarding office space, and the particular activity must be approved in the section environment by the Section chair.

If the application contains no overhead, your budget must include expenses for infrastructure, e.g., your own salary, salary for an administrative assistant, salary for a data manager, salary for a laboratory technician, IT equipment, etc. As a general rule, you must apply for funding equivalent to 44% overhead, and you must hand in your application along with this form (in Danish).

You must hand in an electronic copy of the entire application to the Secretariat.

The application will be registered in ReAp by a Secretariat staff member or by you.