Organise your time

The below time schedule indicates your tasks step-by-step and possibilities as a researcher. The time frame represents the ideal situation, so deviations may occur. If you want the best possible assistance, you must adhere to the deadlines.

Be aware that the time schedule does not include applications for the European Union. In those cases, you must begin very early, and the Research Support Office must be involved from the very beginning.

Time schedule for applications


Number of weeks before deadlineThe researcher's tasks step by step - in the ideal situation

As soon as possible

On larger applications you should alert the Section chair and the Head of the Department regarding a possible peer-review of your application.

If you apply for salaries, you must enter into an agreement with the Department regarding office space, and the particular activity must be approved in the section environment by the Section chair.

4 weeks before deadline

Feel free to contact the Research Support Office and make an appointment for feedback on structure, communication and any formal aspects. See also Assistance from FSE.

3 weeks before deadline   

If the application is to be submitted electronically, it is a good idea to create the profiles at this time. Remember to check the submission requirements to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

No later than 1 week before deadline 

All applications must be submitted for approval. If your budget is >500,000 DKK, it must be approved by the Head of the Department. If it is <500,000 DKK, it may be approved by the Head of Secretariat. Applications with no overhead or with an overhead below 44% must be submitted along with an application cover sheet (in Danish).

Deadline You must submit the application yourself and send an electronic copy of the entire application to the secretariat. The application is registered in ReAp by secretariat staff member or by you.
Grant letter received All grant letters must be scanned and e-mailed to the secretariat for registration in ReAp. The grant letter is signed by the Head of the Department and sent to the Department's project finance administrators. Your project finance administrator will inform you of the new project number. In addition, it will be decided whether the project should be promoted in some form.
Later budget changes If changes are made to the budget at a later date, you must inform the Head of the Department and enter the new budget amounts in ReAp.