Statistics Denmark (DST) - Research service

Access via the agreement with the Department of Public Health - Department Rules

Procedure for access Statistics Denmark projects or research agreements under authorization 50: Department of Public Health

  1. To establish a project at Statistics Denmark (DST), please contact data manager Marianne Pedersen ( or data manager Lone Fredslund (
  2. Datamanagement sends the project to DST. They secure a signature from the Department head, including a copy for Datamanagement.
  3. To attach new researchers to existing projects, the form for internal procedures for working at Statistics Denmark must be filled in. (In Danish)
  4. The researcher receives login information from DST.

Procedure for transferring information from Statistics Denmark, including violation consequences

Procedure for transferring information from Statistics Denmark

  1. You are responsible for staying informed of and adhering by all Statistics Denmark (DST) regulations

  2. Access to DST researcher computers is only granted after you complete the mandatory DST course (see below)

  3. All transfers from DST researcher computers must be approved ahead of time by the Department management team, which means you are not allowed to transfer information on your own volition

  4. All transfers must be checked by a designated Datamanagement staff member

  5. The transfer must be carried out via a login belonging to either the project administrator or staff members with a special permit

  6. If you violate the rules despite all these precautions, you must alert the Datamanagement staff immediately

By DST rules, you may not transfer information that

  1. refers directly to cell values in raw data

  2. refers to less than the average of 5 cells in raw data

  3. contains key values for observations, i.e., primary keys in datasets

  4. contains indirectly identifiable data that may be traced to a person or an organisation

  5. contains illegal file formats for transfer

The above is checked by DST staff and automatic scanning tools. 

These scanning tools can prevent you from, e.g., transferring a illegal file type.

Violation consequences

If the above regulations are violated it may have large consequences for both you personally and the Department's agreement with DST. One single violation will shut down the entire Department agreement indefinitely. This means that no Department staff members will be able to carry out their DST work for 1-3 months. Re-opening the agreement requires a DST board meeting. In addition, you will personally be put under quarantine for months. 

Additionally, you may have violated the Public Administration Act, §27, section 3 and Criminal Code §152.

Intentional actions may result in a police report and dismissal from your workplace. 

Working at DST

You do not need to worry about working on the DST Researcher computers, which constitute a "secure" and "closed" world that has been set up so that you automatically follow the regulations. Any problems and risks of making the mistakes described here only arise when you transfer information from DST to your own computer.

Your first information transfer

The first time to you transfer information, Datamanagement must make certain that the formalities are in order. 

Please contact Niels-Søren Bøgh,

Once you have a transfer agreement in place for your project, you may contact your assigned reader from Datamanagement whenever you need to transfer information for the project in future.

How to get started

Read the DST rules here

Read about the mandatory course here (in Danish). Sign up by sending an email to Niels-Søren Bøgh at 

If you have any questions, please contact Datamanagement at or the Department management team at