A tightly-knit club

If you can’t knit, don’t worry – you’ll soon learn it. Welcome to Knitworking AU.


  • Knitworking AU is an informal club for employees and students at Aarhus University.
  • It was started in June 2022.
  • The club meets on Thursdays at 3:00 pm by the canteen in the Skou Building in the University Park. Everyone is welcome.
  • If you don’t have access to the Skou Building, you can post a message on Knitworking AU’s Instagram (@knitworkingAU). Then the members will know to let you in.

They don’t really talk much about work – mostly just about knitting and life in general.

Today, there are nine chairs in the knitting club Knitworking AU, and the conversation is in English, because there are both Danish, French, German and Spanish hands going.

The group sits in the Skou Building at the Department of Biomedicine – right beside the cafeteria, which is known for its good coffee.

“We come to knit, but mostly just because it’s nice to get to know new people,” explains Postdoc Alice Pedersen, who helped to start the club.

The club’s motto is also “No yarning - hygge guaranteed”.

Knitworking AU arose after the Covid shutdown, when knitting suddenly became a major topic of conversation in the laboratories, because so many people had taken up the hobby at home.

Some of the members are laboratory technicians, some are researchers, and others are students. Some knit using complicated patterns, others knit a sock. Some days, four people turn up to knit – other days ten. You can leave when you need to pick up the children, or when duties call.

What is common to the members is that they enjoy meeting up for a half hour or ninety minutes every Thursday. See the photos below – Maybe the knitting club is also something for you?