Guidelines for teaching

The general regulations may be found at

In order to achieve a PhD degree, you will need to complete a total of at least 150 hours of teaching activities. The home page (see above) will list the activities that may be recorded as teaching activities. The activities and the hours worked for each activity should be recorded in the PhD planner.

Aarhus University has different regulations regarding the amount of teaching hours required, ranging from 50 hours per year to 270 hours per year. For PhD candidates enrolled in Public Health, the Department Management Team has determined that a total of 150 hours per year is required. It is up to the PhD candidate, the main supervisor and the Head of Section to design the best programme for the PhD candidate. The teaching should be in a topic where the PhD candidate is expected to have general knowledge. If it is difficult to fulfill the 150-hour teaching activity requirement, the Head of Section should contact the Head of Department for alternative requirements.

PhD candidates in a three-year program are not paid for their teaching activities, as these activities are part of the degree program. For PhD candidates in the four-year-program, teaching during the first two years is voluntary and is paid by the Department. Teaching activities in the final two years are part of the degree program and are not paid.