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Data security

Rules specific to the Department

1. Personally identifiable data requires a data protection permit from Legal Support.

Legal Support may be contacted at  

2. Personally identifiable data requires data protection permits from the Technology Transfer Office (TTO).

TTO may be contacted at

3. Data must be stored on an IFS CryptShare, which may be ordered from the Department's data manager unit.

Order form (in Danish)

  • The drives store data using centrally controlled encryption
  • The drives fully log all activity
  • The drives are backed up, including version backup
  • The drives require that each user is individually approved
  • The drives require that each computer is individually approved
  • Mapping or synchonisation of these drives is prohibited
  • Data may only be removed from a drive after anonymisation has been checked

4. Please note the specific rules for access to Statistics Denmark through the Department (in Danish)

5. You may work on the data using

  • A virtual Aarhus University (AU) computer - VDI - (the primary solution from your own computer). VDI makes it possible for employees, students and external individuals to collaborate
  • An AU computer using AU's central encryption

6. The Department continuously offers courses on data security, rules and policies (VDI and Statistics Denmark)

7. If you have any questions, please contact the data management unit or the Department management team

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Revised 07.11.2018